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Harvest Lane Honey Queen Rearing Kit

  • Complete kit for creating a successful queen-rearing season
  • Includes cell grid, roller cages, cell cup holders, candy cup/closure, cell fixtures, and cell cups
  • Eliminates need for grafting

Features of Harvest Lane Honey Queen Rearing Kit

The Harvest Lane Honey Queen Rearing Kit provides everything you need for a successful queen-rearing season. This complete kit includes a cell grid, 10 roller cages, 10 yellow cell cup holders, 10 candy cups and closures (not including the candy), 10 brown cell fixtures, and 110 brown cell cups. With this kit, you can eliminate the need for grafting and start your queen-rearing project right away. All components are reusable except the brown cell cups. The cell grid and roller cages are designed to make queen-rearing easy and efficient, while the cell cup holders make it easy to move and transport cells with minimal disruption to the bees. The candy cups and cell fixtures ensure that cells are securely fixed in place, while the cell cups provide the perfect environment for rearing queen bees. The Harvest Lane Honey Queen Rearing Kit is a great choice for beekeepers of any experience level. It's easy to use and provides everything you need to start your queen-rearing project. With this kit, you can ensure that your queen bees are raised to the highest standards, and can enjoy a successful queen-rearing season.

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