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Country Companion Hi-Pro Egg Layer 21% Pellet Feed - 50 lb

  • For free-range laying hens 18+ weeks of age
  • Ideally used with a free-range diet
  • Feed along with scratch grains
  • Supports strong and high-quality eggs

Country Companion Hi-Pro Egg Layer is a pellet feed designed for free-ranging adult hens. It contains 21% protein and is formulated to promote strong-shelled egg production. This feed is fortified with vitamins and minerals that provide your chickens with everything they need, and the pellet form encourages pecking and other natural foraging instincts and minimizes waste. It is a reliable source of complete nutrition and is ideally used in conjunction with a free-range diet. Added amino acids support healthy, strong, free-range hens and fresh eggs.

It is recommended to feed Hi-Pro Egg Layer feed mixed with scratch grains starting at 18 weeks of age. Scratch grain should never exceed the amount of the egg producer feed. Be sure to always keep food in the feeders and keep clean fresh water readily available. Remember to clean feeders and waterers regularly.

Country Companion Hi-Pro Egg Layer feed contains 21% protein, 3% fat, and 4.5% fiber.

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