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Country Companion Poultry Scratch Feed - 50 lb

  • For poultry 7+ weeks of age
  • Can be used as a reward or special treat
  • Encourages natural foraging instincts

Country Companion’s Scratch Feed is designed to be a supplement feed for adult poultry over 7 weeks of age. The blend of cleaned grains is intended as a supplemental treat that encourages the birds’ natural instincts to scratch and peck. The cleaned grains provide a fresh taste and though it is not meant to be used as a complete ration, it will still provide supplemental energy for growth.

Scratch feed is not a complete feed and is to be used primarily as an energy source supplement. For a complete and balanced diet, it should be combined with other nutrition sources. Chicken scratch should not exceed 10% of your chickens’ diet. Given daily or as an occasional treat, your birds will love and enjoy it. Because it’s something chickens enjoy, it can also help in training the birds, whether it be for learning bedtime routines by luring them back to the coop, or in other ways, scratch feed is much like a special reward.

Country Companion’s Scratch Feed contains three ingredients, which are Cracked Corn, Whole Milo, and Whole Wheat.

For storage, keep in a cool, dry place away from insects and rodents to avoid mold and infestation. If the feed is compromised, dispose of it and do not give it to the birds.

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