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RopeSmart Mini Roping Dummy On Wheels

Mini Roping Dummy On Wheels
  • RopeSmart Presents Our New, Original, and Innovative Roping Dummy On Wheels: The "SHORT GO!"

  • You haven't Seen anything Like this before! Experience the fun while improving your roping skills!

  • This mini dummy on LED wheels is perfect for night time roping, as the wheels light up as they shoot!

  • The Best of Roping Dummies. Heading Dummy, Heeling Dummy. With Fold Up Legs and LED Wheels. 

  • Based off science of real loops, real ropers, and real scenarios.

  • Heavy duty metal wheel channel, 110MM LED wheels,Our first Dummy on LED Wheels with smart grip and durable plastic legs design.

SKU 1947003
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Brand RopeSmart
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Manufacturer SKU SHORT GO
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