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RopeSmart Smart One Steer Head

Smart One Steer Head
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  • Expose Your Bad Habits! Isolate and eliminate them! Learn the correct techniques and rope off the ground as you would on horse back.
  • This is no ordinary "Roping Dummy" every part of its design is innovative and will help you be a better roper!
  • Now you can practice on ground as you would on horseback, be warmed up and ready to go!
  • Heelers, no more unrealistic angles, poor deliveries like allowed on a saw horse.
  • Deliver a loop like you would on live cattle however, if you start off with a poor delivery the "RopeSmart Steer" will expose them and allow you to correct your mistakes.
  • Head Removes and is stored in body
  • Head Rotates, Multiple Horn Lengths
  • Removable Blocker Post
  • Head and Heel, Collapsable Legs
  • Rope Storage On Sides
SKU 1947004
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Brand RopeSmart
UPC 811494030059
Manufacturer SKU RSSTEER
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