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Hoover's Hatchery Sapphire Gem Chicks

Hoover's Hatchery Sapphire Gem Chicks are available to buy in increments of 5
  • Bird Purpose: Egg laying  
  • Egg Production: Excellent, approximately 290 eggs per year 
  • Egg Color: Brown  
  • Egg Size: Large 
This product is only available for C-A-L Pickup or In-Store purchase

Bird Purpose: Egg laying
Egg Production: Excellent, approximately 290 eggs per year
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: Large

Sapphire Gem chickens are calm and docile. They are considered a good beginner chicken as they tolerate heat and cold well and do well with confinement. 

There is a 90% accuracy on gender.  

Chicks are unvaccinated—medicated feed can be used to prevent Coccidiosis. Do not feed medicated feed if you are combining your chicks with a flock of other types of birds like ducklings or turkeys.  

Here's the s'coop... ONLINE SHOPPING 

Chick orders are placed using C-A-L Pickup, make sure to select the store that’s best for you. Chicks are estimated to arrive within 10-20 days of your order. Chicks are sensitive to their environment and are the happiest when quickly transferred to prepared brooder. You will receive a C-A-L Pickup email notification when your order is ready, chicks must be picked up within 24-hours.  

Here's the s'coop... IN-STORE SHOPPING  

If you’re shopping for chicks in your local store, they arrive nearly every Thursday, Friday, and some Saturdays. The majority of chicks arrive on Friday. If you, visit your local store on Friday late morning or early afternoon, there's a really good chance there will be chicks. 

For all details, Review terms & conditions. 

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