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Y-Tex Y-Tex Python Dust Kit

Y-Tex Python Dust Kit

PYthon Dust in the only dust to contain two novel active ingredients for

maximum efficacy against all major livestock ectoparasites. Zetacypermethrin is a 5th

generation pyrethroid with enriched S-isomer content that is highly active against

horn flies, face flies, ticks and other pests. Piperonyl butoxide is a mixed-function oxidase

inhibitor that helps overcome metabolic resistance in insects and and synergizes the

zetacypermethrin for maximum efficacy and residual activity. PYthon dust contains a

photostable formula of piperonyl butoxide for long-lasting activity in sunlight.

This kit consists of 1 A-line bag and 1 12.5# PYthon Dust refill.

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