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API Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl - 1 qt

  • Heated water bowl for ice-free drinking
  • Stainless steel will not rust
  • Chew resistant cord

Winters can be a difficult change for you and your outdoor animals. The change in temperature is the biggest problem. Your animals have the greatest difficulty getting a drink when their water is frozen over, while you must brave the cold to thaw it for them.

API Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl Features

With a stainless steel heated pet bowl, you need not worry about your pet's hydration.

This bowl is thermostat controlled to provide ultimate ice free water.

A mounting ring is included to attach the bowl to cages for rabbits. This item may also be used for other outdoor pets such as dogs and cats.

The stainless steel contruction won't rust with use, nor will it crack with the temperature like other materials. The bowl is powered by a 6' anti-chew, coated cord.

You can provide your dog, cat, rabbit, and other outdoor animals with an ice-free water source in the winter.

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