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Lixit Quick Lock Rabbit Crock - 20 oz

  • Durable, chew-resistant pet bowl
  • Anti-tipping, lock-in technology prevents messes
  • Easy lock and unlock mechanisms for indoor and outdoor use

Some of the best things about animals are the company and the snuggles. But animals sometimes make messes when they get excited or scared, especially with their food and water. This rabbit crock can help prevent messes.

Miller Manufacturing Quick Lock Rabbit Crock Details

You can stop the mess making with this Quick Lock Rabbit Crock from Miller Manufacturing. Built to snap in and lock against any wire built hutch, this dish is more permanent than conventional feeders and waterers. It won't move around or get dumped over daily.

Easy-lock, snap-in brackets are built to fit any wire cage or kennel. Because it is attached to a wire wall and not the floor, the Quick Lock Rabbit Crock can be placed at any height depending on your animal's needs.

No tools are required to attach this food dish to vertical or horizontal wire patterns.

To detach, simply use the twist and release locking mechanism to easily disconnect for cleaning or feeding. This handy pet bowl is dishwasher safe, allowing you the ease of throwing it in with another load of dishes that are just as dirty so that it will be cleaned just as well.

This pet bowl is granite colored and features chew-resistant technology. This 20-oz bowl is ideal for the frequent mess maker and hobby chewer. Give yourself peace of mind and ease of pet care with this essential Miller Manufacturing Quick Lock Rabbit Crock.

SKU 2725167
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Brand Lixit
Size 20 oz
Vendor Color Black
UPC 084369096690
Manufacturer SKU QLC20
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