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Nature's Match Pig Grower Finisher - 50 lb

  • Purina Nature’s Match pig grower and finisher
  • 16% crude protein
  • Pellet form

A pelleted, 16% crude Protein, complete feed for Growing and finishing pigs. The simple way to support your grower-finishers' genetic potential. Send full-value pigs to market with a 16% crude protein premium feed precisely formulated to optimize swine growth and performance. Supplies all the vital nutrients required for pigs weighing from 100 lbs (Moderate Lean Gain Potential) or 150 lbs (High Lean Gain Potential) to market weight, (250 lbs).

  • A Complete, Wholesome Plant-based Nutrition for Pigs 100-250 lbs - Non medicated plant-based feed
  • Balanced Protein and Amino Acids - 16% Crude Protein, 0.85% Lysine provided by ingredients that supports optimal growth and muscle deposition
  • Probiotics, Yucca Schidigera Extract and Phytase - Probiotics supports optimal gut health, Yucca Schidigera Extract aids in odor control and phytase reduces phosphorus excretion in manure
  • Provides balanced nutrition for growing-finishing pigs - Supports the genetic potential of your pigs, optimizing pig growth performance during the grow-finishing phase.
  • Suitable to feed a variety of pig breeds with varying genetic lean gain potential.

Feeding Guide:

  1. For High Lean Gain Potential pigs, feed continuously from 150 lbs to market weight or for Moderate Lean Gain Potential pigs, feed continuously from 100 lbs to market weight.
  2. Provide a source of fresh, clean water and adequate drinking space per pig at all times.
  3. When using a self-feeder, make sure it is adjusted to minimize feed wastage. Feeders should be well managed to provide adequate feeder space, prevent moisture condensation, and to prevent mold and insect development.
  4. Provide a draft-free pen with clean, dry sleeping area for pigs. See feed label for complete feeding instructions.
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