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Hornady 4 Blade Chamfering & Deburring Hand Tool

4 Blade Chamfering & Deburring Hand Tool
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Hornady's easy and quick solution to deburring and chanfering your trimmed cases

The Chamfer and Deburring tool by Hornady is the ideal tool to chamfer the inside and deburr the outside edge of cartridge cases when they are new or after they have been trimmed. This important step removes the slight imperfections from the case mouth casuing increased seating consistency and reduces the chance of shaving material off of a bullet when it is being seated.

  • .17 to .45 Caliber Cases
  • Steel
SKU 7147509
Vendor Color Sagebrush Green
Brand Hornady
UPC 090255500172
Manufacturer SKU 50017
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