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IMR 4451 Enduron Smokeless Powder - 1 lb

IMR 4451 Enduron Smokeless Powder - 1 lb
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IMR 4451 Powder

IMR Enduron 4451 is a versatile, match-grade propellant with a mid-range burn speed in the Enduron line. It is an extruded powder and is perfect for cartridges like 270 Winchester, 30-06 or 300 Winchester Short Magnum, among others.


  • Copper fouling eliminator
  • Insensitivity to temperature changes
  • Ideal loading density and being environmentally friendly.
  • This propellant performs comparably to Hodgdon H4350 but charge weights are materially different.
SKU 7336032
Size 1 lb
Brand IMR
Vendor Color Black
UPC 754486041001
Manufacturer SKU 944511
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