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ReVersa Corrugated Target - Reversable

Corrugated Target - Reversable

Matterhorn Innovations Reversa Targets are part of a portable target system that sets up in minutes for hassle-free target practice and plinking. Matterhorn Innovations Reversa Targets are large, sturdy 3 ft. high x 2 ft. wide corrugated cardboard targets that come in two styles:

  • The Silhouette features a large humanoid silhouette on the front for practicing self-defense drills.
  • The Deer Vitals target helps hunters practice for hunting season with an outline of the vital area of a deer, with the locations of the heart, lungs, liver, and bones clearly marked.

The backs of both Matterhorn Innovations Reversa Targets have multiple black-and-white bullseyes for sight-in work, plus tabbed slots you can fold out to hold 12 individual clay birds for a satisfying cloud of clay dust every time you hit one.

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