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Century Drill And Tool Cobalt Pro Grade Drill Bit

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Cobalt Pro Grade Drill Bit
  • Designed for drilling in extremely hard materials including stainless steel
  • Cobalt drill bits have a great resistance to heat and friction providing a longer tool life
  • Cobalt drill bits offer 14 times Life Rating when compared to standard 118-degree point drill bit

Tool Size-->Length

1/16 in: 1 7/8 in

1/8 in: 2 3/4 in

3/16 in: 3 1/2 in

1/4 in: 4 in

5/16 in: 4 1/2 in

3/8 in: 5 in

7/16 in: 5 1/2 in

1/2 in: 6 in

SKU 4009-2620832
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Brand Century Drill And Tool
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Manufacturer SKU 4009-2620832
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