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KD Games Farty Franny The Farting Cow Game

Farty Franny The Farting Cow Game

Your family won't be able to stop giggling with Farty Franny, the interactive game that’s silly, suspenseful and a real gas! Take turns spinning the dial, but watch out for flies and poos. Don’t let Franny the cow fart on you! Place Franny the cow in the middle of the table and take turns spinning the dial, lifting Franny’s tail, and hoping your turn doesn’t stink! If you land on “The Tail,” lift up Franny’s tail and listen closely. You are safe if you hear Franny moo, but don’t let her fart on YOU! When she lets loose an explosive blast of gas, that player takes a fly. Land on "The Poo" and automatically get a fly. Land on "The Cow" and point Franny’s tail toward any other player and challenge them to lift her tail. Freshen up with "The Perfume Bottle" to give a fly to any other player, or become immune to flies, farts, and poos with "The Clothespin". Continue taking turns spinning until all the flies are gone. The player with the fewest flies at the end of the game walks away fresh as a daisy and wins! Includes: (1) Franny the Cow Electronic Toy, (1) Spinner, (1) Game Board, (1) Clothespin, (12) Flies, (1) Sticker Sheet and (1) User Manual. 2 - 4 players. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Ages 4 yrs. and up.

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