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DeWalt Rolling Charger - 70

Rolling Charger - 70
Input: 120V~, 60Hz 1180W
Output: 12VDC, 70A, 210A Engine Start
USB Output: 5VDC, 3.1A Max
AC Outlet: 120V~, 60Hz, 700W
  1. 210A/1512W engine jump start capability

  2. Continuous 70A battery charger

  3. Automatic 2A battery maintainer

  4. Alternator check functionality

  5. 120V AC power outlet

  6. 3.1A USB power port

  7. Battery voltage meter

  8. LCD screen

  9. Reverse Polarity Protection & LCD Indicator

  10. Telescoping handle w/ rubber grip

  11. One Touch charge button

  12. Battery Recondition

  13. Microprocessor control

  14. Voltage and Temperature Compensation

  15. Heavy Duty Metal Powder coated clamps

  16. Convenient Cord wraps and Clamp tabs

  17. Heavy Duty Aluminium housing

  18. Battery Type Selector

  19. Heavy Duty plastic wheels w/ rubber tires

SKU 1262012
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Brand DeWalt
UPC 814632012672
Manufacturer SKU DXAEC210
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