Hillman Sae Flat Washer - 1/4"

Sae Flat Washer - 1/4"

Flat washers are great for adding resistance to your bolts and screws to prevent them from boring into the wood and weakening it. These SAE fine threaded washers are finished with zinc to be corrosion resistant and designed to fit other fine fit bolts and washers. When selecting a washer, be sure to pick one that matches the fasteners you are already using. Picking a different finish may cause a chemical reaction, weakening your fasteners over time.

  • Zinc coating for a corrosion resistant finish
  • SAE fine washers for coarse threaded bolts
  • Washers are used to increase the pressure a bolt or screw provides
  • Use a washer that is the same finish as your other fasteners
  • For use with a #10 bolt or screw
  • Qty 100
SKU 4560650
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Brand Hillman
Length 1/4"
UPC 008236395020
Manufacturer SKU H41583
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