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Mystik JT-6 #2 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease - 14 oz

  • Works up to 325°F
  • Low-temperature pumpability
  • Protects against wear, high loads, rust, oxidation, and water

Mystik JT-6 #2 High Temperature Grease is a lithium-complex grease that is made for automotive lubrication points, car and truck chassis lubrication points, and truck fifth wheels. #2 grease is the most common hardness for grease because of its multi-purpose properties in its ability to stay in place for a long period of time and a wide operating temperature range. With its high dropping point, this high-temperature grease is specifically designed for working up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a low-temperature pumpability which allows it to work in cooler environments as well. It protects against wear, high loads, rust, oxidation, and water. This grease provides superior protection in heavily loaded industrial, mining, and construction applications.

Mystik JT-6 #2 High Temperature Grease is certified NLGI GC-LB, which means it can be used as an automotive wheel bearing (disc brake wheel bearings) & chassis lubricant.

This is a low-cost product to be used on inexpensive and non-critical parts where premium performance is not required. It can also be used on low-speed bearings with frequent relubrication such as a swivel hitch or a gate hinge.

When purchasing grease consider checking the owner’s manual of the item you will use it on and be aware of the temperatures and environment where the grease will be used. Check the icons on the tube for help in determining which grease will work best for you.

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