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Week of May 14th
Here’s the s’coop. We get chicks every Thursday, Friday, and some Saturdays. The majority of chicks arrive on Friday. Visit your local store on Friday late-morning, early afternoon and there’s a really good chance there will be chicks. As with most live animals things change often and we do our best to keep things accurate as possible—check back weekly.
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Assorted Rare Breeds*
Breeds may include blue-laced red wyandotte, buff brahma, cochin, cuckoo marans, dark brahma, french black copper marans, lavender orpington, light brahma, midnight majesty marans, olive egger, prairie bluebell egger, salmon faverolle, sapphire olive egger, speckled sussex, or starlight green egger to name a few.
Assorted Bantams**
Breeds may include gold or silver sebrites, cochins, buff brahma, porcelain or mille fleur d’uccle, or old english bantams to name a few.
Assorted Colored Layers***
Breeds may include americana, cuckoo marans, french black copper marans, midnight majesty marans, prairie bluebell eggers, olive eggers, sapphire olive eggers, or starlight green eggers to name a few.
Stop by your local C-A-L Ranch and see what varieties arrived this week.