Country Companion® Goat Feed - 50 lb

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Fresh, wholesome nutrition for your goat

Country Companion Goat Feed is a complete sweet feed designed to be fed to starting, growing, breeding, and lactating goats
  • Fortified completed feed for dairy and meat goats
  • Added vitamins and minerals to support overall good goat health
  • Contains ammonium chloride to support urinary tract health
  • Balanced amino acids to support muscle development and milk production

Protein: 17.0%
Fat: 3.0%
Fiber: 12.0%

Feeding Directions:
Kids-Starting Growing/Finishing- Introduce gradually to newly weaned kids or those that have not been on high energy rations. Feed at a rate of 1% of bodyweight per head per day (approx. 1/4 LB). Gradually increase to 3% of bodyweight per head per day (approx. 3/4 LB) over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Feed free-choice hay to start, then reduce hay as kids come on feed.

Breeding/Lactating Goats- Feed to maintain desired body condition. Offer 1 LB per 3 to 4 LB of milk produced. Provide hay at 1% to 1.5% bodyweight. Salt should be available free-choice. Appropriate mineral may be offered to breeding and lactating goats.

Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times

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