Nutrena NatureWise 16% Layer Crumble Feed - 40 lb

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  • Provides a nutritious, vegetarian diet
  • Formulated with vitamins and minerals to support chick growth
  • Supports immune and digestive health

Nutrena’s Nature Wise Crumble Layer Feed with 16% protein is a healthy choice to support growing chicks. The crumble form encourages your chicks to feed because its loose texture gives the feed a soft consistency. The Nutrena Nature Wise Crumble Layer Feed not only encourages feeding, but it also is fortified with vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth and development. These vitamins and minerals are important for the chicks to grow and develop. In addition to vitamins and minerals, this feed also contains 16% protein to support muscle development and weight gain in growing chicks.

With its branded blend of nutrients, the Nutrena Nature Wise feed supports chicks’ immune systems and their overall health. As the farmer, you don’t need to worry about added hormones in the feed because the Nutrena Nature Wise feed does not contain added hormones.

In order to improve the skin coloration of chicks, this feed includes added Tagetes (Aztec Marigold) meal. The added Tagetes also improve coloring in the egg yolks and flesh of chickens.

Nutrena Nature Wise Crumble Layer Feed also includes added prebiotics, probiotics, and yeast cultures to support your chicks’ digestive systems. The added prebiotics do two things to benefit your chickens: first, they supply nutrients to the beneficial microbes in the chicken’s digestive system; second, they prevent pathogenic bacteria from attaching to the intestinal mucosa. This last benefit decreases the chances that your birds will develop intestinal infections. The added probiotics in the feed strengthen the chickens’ immune systems, help them digest food efficiently, and promote faster weight gain. The yeast cultures improve the nutritional qualities of the feed, which will improve your chickens’ appetites, increase egg laying in hens, and help chickens bred for meat to gain weight better.

Nutrena Nature Wise Crumble Layer Feed provides a nutritious, vegetarian diet for your chicks and is expertly designed and formulated to support strong and healthy growing chicks.

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