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Nutrena Country Feeds 14% Llama & Alpaca Pellet Feed - 50 lb

  • Supplement forage and hay nutrients
  • For alpacas, llamas and growing crias
  • Use to regulate herd body condition

Llamas and alpacas are great animals to keep on your farm. Whether you raise them for milk, meat, protection for your other livestock, or for their abundant production of wool, your pack needs nutrients necessary to their upholding your farming goals.

Use this Country Feed for your llamas and alpacas as they grow, or to support them in their adult diet. Provide with open pasture and forage, or free access hay.

Keep young llamas, called crias, in another enclosure. This will ensure they are given ample access to feed without fighting the adults for it.


Provide feed to your herd with 1-2 lb per animals each day. Use as a supplement to forage and hay access.

High activity heards should be given up to 2.0-2.5 lb of feed per animal per day. This ensures access to nutrients not found in their local forage and replenishes nutrient supply for energy spent. Feed according to body condition goals for the herd. 

Always provide access to clean fresh water.

Introduce any feed changes in increments to prevent upset.


Regulate body condition by adjusting feed levels. Increase or decrease rations to achieve desired body condition.

To slow the herd's feed intake, consider placing large rocks in the bottom of feed dispensers. Prevent choking incidents with the same method.

Keep your herd up to date on vaccinations and have your llamas and alpacas checked by a veterinarian regularly.

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