Nutrena NatureWise 18% Pellet Performance Rabbit Feed - 40 lb

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  • Improves digestive and eye health
  • Promotes sleek and shiny fur
  • Highly palatable pellets reduce dust and waste
  • Supports breeding and lactating does

The Nutrena NatureWise 18% Performance Rabbit Feed is a vegetarian pellet feed that will support your rabbit’s health without the aid of antibiotics or hormones and will reduce dust and waste.

This pellet rabbit feed provides a natural source of nutrition for rabbits both young and old. This performance rabbit feed will promote growth and good health whether you have one rabbit or twelve. The Nutrena NatureWise 18% Performance Rabbit Feed can be fed to the following rabbits:

  • Herd bucks
  • Dry does
  • Pregnant does
  • Does with nursing young
  • Young, developing rabbits

The feed contains Yucca Schidigera Extract, which will not only reduce odors but will also increase your rabbit’s satisfaction with the taste of the feed. You will almost be as satisfied with the feed as your rabbits will be. This feed also contains added prebiotics and probiotics to support the digestive health of your rabbits. The papaya in the feed will also help to support your rabbit’s digestion with every meal.

This feed provides a vegetarian diet with natural ingredients, which makes all your rabbit’s meals wholesome. Because it is a natural feed, it does not contain antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, or colors.

This feed contains Vitamin A, which helps to support breeding does as well as promote eye health and sleek, shiny fur. With the added Vitamin A in this feed, your rabbits will feel good, see well, and look their best. Along with Vitamin A, the feed also contains a balanced amount of protein, amino acids, and other vitamins and minerals that your rabbit needs to grow and stay strong. Containing 18% crude protein, the Nutrena NatureWise 18% Performance Rabbit Feed will promote growth in larger rabbit breeds such as the Flemish Giant, the French and English Lop, the Continental and British Giant, and other such breeds.

If you are breeding rabbits, then the energy and protein levels in this feed will support any breeding or lactating does you may have. Such does may have more nutritional needs than your average buck or young rabbit. Feeding your does the Nutrena NatureWise 18% Performance Rabbit Feed will meet the nutritional needs of your breeding and lactating does.

These firm pellets will reduce dust and waste.

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