Nutrena NatureWise 15% Rabbit Feed - 40 lb

  • Made with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Contains only plant-based ingredients for your vegetarian pet
  • Includes NO artificial flavors, colors, antibiotics, or hormones

Make sure your rabbits look and feel their best by feeding them their favorite flavor of yummy greens in Nutrena's NatureWise 15% Rabbit Feed.

Features of Nutrena NatureWise 15% Rabbit Feed

In this 40-lb bag, your rabbits get all the nutrients they need to look and feel their best.

The proteins included in this recipe are sourced from exclusively plant-based origins. No animal proteins for your vegetarian friend. Made with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and a balanced protein structure, you can be sure your rabbits receive a wholesome diet made just for them.

Prebiotics and probiotics support the immune system and digestive health. Papaya also supports your rabbits' digestive health while rewarding them with a favoite food in this specifically designed recipe.

This recipe contains no artifical flavors or colors. No antibiotics or hormones means your rabbits get a natural diet that won't hurt their systems.


For kindling (nesting) does, feed 2-3 oz per day. Increase by 1 oz per day and then offer free choice within 4-5 days.

For lactating does, offer as a free-choice feed.

For gestating does, feed 4-6 oz per doe, per day.

For weaned bunnies, feed as a free-choice feed.

For dry does and bucks, feed 4-6 oz per rabbit per day.

When you feed your rabbits, feed this recipe by weight, not volume. If you wish to feed your rabbits hay in addition to the recipe, you may. However, feeding hay as a supplement is not necessary with this complete formula.

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