Pet Lodge Earth Friendly Pet Fountain

  • Pet bottle nozzle
  • Designed to fit most fountain drink bottles
  • Includes metal hanger to fasten new bottle and adapter to cage

Keeping pets is an experience all can learn from. You and your kids can learn together how to care for your new pet. As you establish a routine of care, your children can learn the importance of caring for an animal's needs.

Pet Lodge Earth Friendly Pet Fountain Features

An essential of all creatures is water. While there are many pet water bottles available for purchase, this fountain allows you to use one of the plastic bottles you already have at home. You can use this Pet Lodge Earth Friendly Pet Fountain adapter to convert an old fountain drink bottle into a new water source for your pet.

This adapter is designed to accommodate most fountain bottles. Built with a stainless steel ball in the tube design, this nozzle will hold up to the wear and tear of use. The seal on the blue nozzle cap is constructed with anti-leaking technology to bring you the best seal for heavy water weights.

The pet fountain includes a metal hanger for easy fastening against the outside of your animal's cage.

You can put your old plastic bottles to good use with this pet bottle nozzle converter. Provide your rabbit, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and more with the water they need when you get your adapter today.

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