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C-A-L Ranch is your one stop shop for your home, farm, and ranch propane gas needs. 

Make sure your backyard bbq, camp trailer cylinders, and kitchen appliances are stocked up with propane by refilling your tanks with our liquid petroleum gas by AmeriGas Propane. Propane refills can be found at a C-A-L Ranch near you! Currently, propane refills are not available at our Goodyear location.

Why AmeriGas you ask?

They provide us with the safest, most reliable and most responsive propane service in the nation.

What is liquid petroleum gas (lpg)? 

Also known as Propane or butane, it is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles. It is also one of the nations most versatile sources of energy. This fuel serves millions of people in the country in their homes and industries! Not only that, but propane is easy to transport due to it being more compact as a liquid than a gas. Therefore, it is economical to store and transport it as such.

FUN FACT: Did you know that propane is the third most popular vehicle fuel in the world? 

SAFETY TIP: When refilling and/or replacing a propane cylinders, transport it securely and in an upright manner. Take it home immediately. Always use or store propane cylinders in a well-ventilated area within your vehicle or outside of your home.