Purina Medicated Start & Grow Chick Feed - 50 lb

  • Contains amprolium to prevent coccidiosis
  • Supports digestive health and immune function
  • Add marigold extract helps chicks develop bright beaks and plumage

Purina medicated Start & Grow chick feed contains amprolium for preventing coccidiosis. Amprolium is not an antibiotic and is not affected by Veterinary Feed Directive. This feed supports digestive health and immune function. All the necessary nutrients for proper growth and maturity are included in this feed. With all the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy chicks and chickens, this feed is perfect for helping maintain and provide the best care for your birds. It contains 18% protein with lysine and methionine to promote healthy muscle and skeletal development. It is formulated with prebiotics, probiotics, and yeast to support optimum digestive health and immune function. Marigold extract is added in for helping develop brightly colored beaks and bright plumage.

It is recommended to feed this chick food to your birds if they have not been vaccinated against coccidiosis or if you are not sure if they have been. It is to be used from hatching until 18 to 20 weeks of age and should cover at least 90 percent of the chick’s diet.

Purina Start & Grow provides a strong start for young chicks and enhances early hen development.

See tag attached to bag for specific feeding instructions.

This feed is also available as a non-medicated feed.

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Brand Purina
Size 50 lb
Food Type Dry
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