Price Container Blue Poly Drum - 15 Gal

  • Made of food-grade high-density polyethylene
  • Extrusion blow molded for a strong and rigid product
  • 15-gallon capacity

For storage and containment, Price Container Packaging 15 Gallon Blue Drum is a great choice. Its strong and rigid walls were formed by extrusion blow molding which increases the strength and durability of the drum. This poly drum has a tight head and is made of HDPE, high-density polyethylene which is good for their chemical resistance which means they can hold chemicals, and they can also hold food items without any chemical seepage from the plastic. Its shape is easily stackable and is good for storage in and out of doors. Because they are made from high-quality plastic, the containers aren’t in danger of rusting and have a high resistance to UV light which enables them to withstand direct sunlight and other weather circumstances better than other containers.

These 15 gal blue drums can hold food and beverages, contain chemicals, grains, and other items. Though, if containing certain hazardous chemicals, keep the drums away from direct sunlight to prevent explosions.

The container is made by extrusion blow molding which provides an extremely strong and rigid finished product. It is a lighter-weight container which makes it easy to handle and is cheaper to transport and ship. Use the top swing handles to assist in handling the containers when empty or near empty. Do not roll the polyethylene drums and handle them safely to avoid any serious accident or spillage.

Price Container Packaging Blue Drum can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial storage. Contain food items, chemicals, or even rainwater and keep the content contaminant free.

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