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Koch Industries Gray 550 Utility Nylon Cord

  • Nylon rope is strong and flexible
  • Abrasion resistant and UV stable
  • Sold by the foot for camping and hunting purposes
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Features of Koch Industries Gray 550 Utility Nylon Cord

Koch Industries nylon cord is 550 paracord and can hold up to 550 pounds when holding a static load. Out of all the types of rope, nylon cord is the strongest. When it is stretched, it quickly returns to its original length. This quality makes it good for lifting or towing because it can absorb shock well and disperse it while remaining strong. Nylon is abrasion resistant and is not damaged by oil or most chemicals, meaning that it will last four to five times longer than natural fiber ropes. It is UV stable, which means it is resistant to the ultraviolet deterioration that occurs in sunlight. It also has good knot retention, can be stored wet or dry, and is resistant to rot and mildew so it’s perfect for any place or activity. It can be used for marine environments, around the farm, or at home. It can also be a great tool for camping and hunting, as well as be used for replacing shoelaces, making bracelets, or as a tarp ridgeline. Keep it in your survival kits for whatever need that arises.

Sold by the foot.

SKU 4437438
Clothing Size XXS
Brand Koch Industries
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