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Standlee Beet Pulp Shreds Horse Feed - 25 lb

  • Contains your horse's favorite veggie
  • Designed as a high fiber supplement
  • Packed in 25-lb bag for maximum enjoyment

Make life easier on you and your horses when you choose Standlee's Beet Pulp Shreds.

Features of Standlee Beet Pulp Shreds Horse Feed

This 25-lb bag of beet shreds boosts health in your horses by providing a delicious high fiber supplement your horse will devour. Feed this high calorie, low protein beet pulp for the perfect fiber supplement.

Made with one of your horse's favorite vegetables, beet pulp encourages palatability for best consumption of this equine supplement.


Beet pulp (dried), Concentrated Separator By-Product (Concentrated Separator By-Product or CSB is a secondary molasses produced during the separation of sugar from normal sugar beet molasses).

Crude Protein: 7.5%

Crude Fat: 0.5%

Crude Fiber: 21%


Beet Pulp is a dehydrated product. Soak (completely submerged) in water for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes prior to feeding, or until properly softened.

Feed to mature horses at a rate of 0.05% to 0.2% of body weight/day depending on level of activity. For a 1000 lb. horse, this equates to 1/2-2 lb. of dry beet pulp per day.

Gradually introduce beet pulp into the diet during a 7-10 day period.

Treat your horse to Standlee's Beet Pulp Shreds.

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