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Tuff Stuff Oval Tank - 40 gal

  • Impact, crack, and corrosion resistant
  • Heat, cold, and UV resistant
  • Smooth edges for easy handling and animal safety

The Tuff Stuff 40-gal Oval Tank is the perfect choice for your farm, ranch, and home and garden needs.

Made of 100% recycled plastic, this 40-gal tank has the following features:

  • Impact, crack, and corrosion resistant
  • Heat, cold, and UV resistant
  • Chemically neutral
  • Smooth edges for easy handling and animal safety

This heavy-duty tank does not require maintenance because it is impact, crack, and corrosion resistant. When using this tank to feed and water livestock animals, the tank’s durable and flexible LDPE plastic will not break or crack on impact. If water is left inside this tank, the tank will resist corrosion.

The Tuff Stuff Oval Tank is also resistant to heat, cold, and UV rays. This is especially helpful in farm and ranch applications because the tank can be filled with food or water and left outdoors. That way, animals have access to food and water even when you’re not around.

The tank is chemically neutral. If you choose to use it for fertilizers or oil solvents, the chemicals in those substances will not react with the tank’s material. Those substances can be stored in this tank for as long as you need before using them.

This tank has smooth edges to ensure easy handling and animal safety. If an animal’s body brushes against the edges of the tank, the edges of the tank will not cut or damage the animal. The smooth edges also make it easy for you to pick up and transport this tank from one place to another.

After this tank is no longer fitting for farm and ranch use, it can be repurposed for many home and garden uses. You can use this tank as a planter, rain chain fountain, raised garden bed, and so much more.

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Brand Tuff Stuff
Size 40 gal
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