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Vitalix All Species 20% All-Natural Protein Tub - 200 lbs

  • Safe for any class of animal: cattle, horses, sheep, goats, bison, and deer
  • All-Natural Protein, no copper added
  • Perfect for mixed livestock grazing in common pastures

Features of Vitalix All Species 20% All-Natural Protein Tub

BioTrace uses trace minerals (zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, cobalt, and selenium) that have the highest bioavailability.

NutriMax uses the highest quality direct-fed Microbials and Yeast. The addition of the direct-fed microbial has been shown to stimulate ruminal fermentation with higher concentrations of acetate, propionate, and total volatile fatty acids, increasing absorbable protein and other nutrients necessary for increased energy.

VitaShield utilizes only protected sources of Vitamins A and D. The protected sources provide greater resistance from degradation during the tub cooking process and in the rumen. 

ProBalt is a Microbial Activator technology that works in the rumen to activate rumen microbes, produce enzymes, and increase total volatile fatty acid production. Creating energy from untapped existing resources!

Use: Self-feeding for any class of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses grazing in common pastures.
Feeding Recommendations:

Cattle and Horses:

1/2 to 1 1/2 lb per 1,000 lb. body weight per day.

Put out one 250 lb tub for every 20-30 head.

Sheep and Goats:

1-5 oz. per animal per day.

Put out one tub for every 40 head of sheep and goats.

Does not contain any prohibited material
Does not contain added copper. Safe for sheep!


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