Studded T-Post - 10'

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  • These 10' Studded T-posts are ideal for tall wire fences
  • Featuring a studded design for easier wire-pulling
  • The bottom is spaded for added durability and ground-piercing ability

These 10' Studded T-posts are ideal for tall wire fences. These posts are often put to use in deer fences. If you have a field or haystack that you need to keep deer out of, these posts could be just the thing. They are also useful for keeping deer off of highways. You won't have to worry about cows jumping over this fence either. These posts would also be useful for supporting large signs or banners.

Features of the 10' Studded T-Post

The post features a studded design that makes wire-pulling easier. The bottom is spaded for added stability, strength against impact, and ground-piercing ability. It also features a lime green tip for high visibility. This particularly comes in handy along roadsides. Installation is quick and easy; all you need is a post-pounder and a ladder (extremely rocky ground may cause installation to be more difficult). It is recommended to have at least two feet of the post in the ground, though further would be better.

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