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Omaha Track Railroad Ties

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  • These heavy-duty railroad ties are ideal for corrals, H-braces, yard borders and more
  • Average tie length is 102-104"", posts are oil-treated to enhance durability
  • Stronger than normal wood posts, easy to nail into, square corners

Choose C-A-L Ranch Stores as your number one supplier of railroad ties. Whether you're building a new corral, putting up an H-brace, or adding borders to your yard or shrub beds, railroad ties are strong and reliable. Average length is 102-104 inches. Each post has been oil-treated for maximum durability. Railroad ties are sure to last you longer than conventional wooden posts. Their strong and enduring nature is as stable as their long-established track record of being the most reliable fence posts. The texture of these ties makes for easy nailing and stapling, and their rectangular shape helps the builder maintain uniform lines. Fortify your corral and strengthen you fences with C-A-L Ranch Stores' premium railroad ties.

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Brand Omaha Track
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