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Tuff Balls Dog Tennis Ball

  • Thick rubber and non-abrasive felt to be soft on your dog’s teeth
  • Ultra-bouncy and durable with extra-thick rubber walls
  • Non-toxic

Wildology Tuff Balls tennis ball has the same size as a regular 2.5” tennis ball and will fit any type of throw stick so you can keep your hands clean while playing fetch with your dog. It is made of thick rubber and non-abrasive felt so it is soft on your dog’s teeth making it a safe and fun toy to play fetch with. The extra-thick rubber walls make it extra bouncy and durable. This tennis ball is designed for relieving a dog’s boredom as well as giving even the most aggressive chewers something to chew on.

This product is colorfast and non-toxic so it won’t fade in harsh sunlight and its dye won’t run when it gets wet, which is ideal for outdoor conditions and will be safe for dogs to pick up in their mouths again and again as they continue to want to play.

As you play games with your dog, you are training it to recognize what is good behavior and what isn’t. The play is the reward, so if they are becoming too mouthy or pushy, stopping the game will help them realize that that’s not appropriate and if they want to keep playing, they can’t do that. Along with that, the play can be a great exercise for both you and the pup. As they burn off the extra energy, they are more likely to have good behavior enforced because they will be less likely to act out due to under-stimulation. Playing with your canine is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress as it provides you with a good place to feel happy enjoying your time with the dog you love. Playing fetch and other games with simple rules, such as “return with the ball to keep playing”, the dog must follow to get the desired outcome also makes for a great mental exercise that can help increase your dog’s focus.

This simple tennis ball can help you do all of that and more to encourage your dog to reach its full potential.

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