Gordon's LV400 2,4-D Concentrate - 1 gal

  • This 2,4-D broadleaf herbicide is ideal for killing weeds in lawns, pastures and more
  • Featuring a low odor, rainfast 6-8 hours after spraying, and animal reentry okay after chemical has dried
  • Applicable to corn, small grains, non-crop grass areas, and more

Gordon's LV 400 2,4-D broadleaf herbicide can be applied on pastures, lawns, rangeland, corn and small grains, and other non-crop grass areas. This is a concentrated, low odor 2,4-D herbicide formulation. It must be mixed according to the instructions with water, and can be mixed with other products, as listed on label. This product is compatable and mixes well with most liquid fertilizers. When spraying lawns, mow either 2-3 days before application or 2-3 days after application. 

This product is rainfast 6-8 hours after application. When LV 400 is used alone, cattle and horses can re-enter the sprayed pastures when the sprays have driead after application.

Wait at least 30 days between applications for pasture and rangeland. Refer to label for area restrictions and guidlines, including recommended yearly use.

The shelf life is at least 3-5 years when stored according to label directions.

This chemical controls 90+ listed species of broadleaf weeds. Check instructions on container for specific temperature restrictions.

1 gallon will treat 174,240 sq. ft. (4 acres) on listed pastures.

Application rates may vary.

For full instructions see label, or call Gordon's customer service at 800.884.3179

This herbicide can be applied via a pump-up sprayer, hose-end sprayer, or tow-behind sprayer.

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