Nutrena SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed - 50 Lb

Nutritionally balanced, complete feed formulated with high fat and highly digestible fiber to support senior horses and hard keepers

SafeChoice® Senior is a controlled starch formula for older horses and hard keepers that is nutritionally balanced with high fat, balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid levels,  Topline Balance® to support topline health and muscle, Nutri-Bloom Advantage® for easier nutrient absorption, and Digestive Shield™ for complete gut and immune health. SafeChoice Senior is a complete feed that you can trust to provide whole horse nutrition to your senior horses.

Crude Protein: 14.0%
Max Crude Fiber: 16.0%
Crude Fat: 8.0%

Digestive Shield™ protects your horse's gut and immune health with a precise blend of controlled starch, pre + pro + postbiotics, and calcite.

Topline Balance® provides a specific amino acid profile to help support a healthy topline for proper muscling and core strength.

Nutri-Bloom Advantage® for easier nutrient absorption and up to 15% more fiber digestion.

Enhanced with antioxidants—including selenium and vitamins C and E—to support aged immune systems and help minimize the effects of stress.

Balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid levels from rice bran and flax seed.

Organic trace minerals support immune health and improve skin, hair coat and hoof quality.

Highly digestible fiber sources allow you to feed SafeChoice® Senior by itself, without hay or pasture.

A taste horses love with guaranteed maximum starch and sugar levels.
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Brand Nutrena
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