Powder River XL Manual Squeeze Cow Chute

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  • Contain cows or calves with ease
  • Improved head gate and squeeze strength
  • Durable design that will last

Working with cattle can be a difficult task, especially when each animal has its own personality. These large animals, while typically docile, can be very stubborn. Add brute strength to the mix and your progress could go nowhere. This self-catch cattle chute can help.

Powder River XL Manual Squeeze Cow Chute Features

You need a way to contain your cows to easily examine or administer to them without getting a hoof in the face.

The Powder River XL Manual Squeeze Cow Chute does just that. With one way in, your cow will first discover the head gate at the opposite end. By the time they realize they are at the wrong end to escape, the headgate is already locked into place. Should they pull, they will find themselves trapped in the most useful device a rancher can invest in.

This model of cow chute has been developed with greater head control and a more secure squeeze for the wild ones. An easy release and spring loaded features are included so you do not have to struggle with the manual design.

Tightening the machine around the cow will allow you security and ease of access with added accuracy in branding. You can also use the chute to vaccinate your herd in a timely manner.

The floor is easily adjustable, with split kickpans. With no step, your cattle can walk in easily, allowing faster rotation between cows. When the head gate is open, the cow can escape through the front. The right side of the chute doubles as a door, allowing two possible exits. Opening the right gate will allow the cow to escape to the right.

You can count on this durable, longlasting machine to get the job done right.

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